About Us

About Us...but who is behind ArcaEco?
To be honest it’s just me, Cristina. But there is also you, and I want to thank you for reading my words because we are all part of ArcaEco.

I’m just a wandering free spirit. After seeing lots of beautiful places and meeting lots of beautiful people, I decided to stop and take a deep breath. I decided it's time to give back to mother nature.

The want for change grew inside of me and I wasn’t sure where to start. The feeling was clear in my gut, it just needed a concept. One autumn day I was talking to an old guy and in a blink of an eye i saw noah in him. The wind started to wisper arcaeco,Aarcaeco...ArcaEco. (arca means ark in Italian).
That afternoon I was thinking of Noah and how he saved all the animals and the concept became clear: we need to be the modern Noah. We need to save ourselves, the animals and the planet from this polluted and corrupt world.

I want to welcome you all in my arca and give you a simple, easy and clear message. We can change. I craft natural soaps, shampoos and other products that are for everyone and it will help you to follow a zerowaste journey.

All my ideas are condensed in a few words:


This is how reality should be and this is how my reality is. I see the everyday life through the bubbles of my soaps because they are transparent and I am like them.
With ArcaEco, I make products that once they are over they generate no waste, they become invisible. These are simple, pure and genuine products that you can bring to the shower with no environmental impacts. ArcaEco uses only natural ingredients, they are not tested on animals and I guarantee that only the simple raw ingredients will take care of your skin.
We want to protect the planet, we want to make you feel that we need to change old habits and make life uncomplicated. Arcaeco products are plastic free. With a few of them, you can get rid of lots of plastic in your bathroom. Making the switch is easier than you think!


Did you know that each soap takes up to six weeks before it is ready to be used? This is such a good school of patience. I learned to be calm, to go slow, to take my time because beautiful things take time to grow and if you look at them you learn a lot. I learned to be patient in life, I learnt to be patient with the one that looks at you with “that” face when you talk to them about how much we need to be sensible towards the change and I learned to be patient and accept that not everyone is ready to listen to the message. Not everyday is going to be a victory.


Is there someone that still thinks that love is not the universal force? I feel it everyday and I feel it is such as an enormous power. When I weigh the oils on the scale, I feel love. when I pour the soap, I feel love. When I cut the soap, there is love. And love keeps me floating around in bliss. I guess.


I turned my passion into my everyday occupation....I don’t want to call it a job. When I wake up in the morning I smile because I know what I am going to do.
I smile to my soaps and I smile to someone through the windows. A smile is a gift of positive energy.


Nobody is perfect but we still want you in our arca.
We want you, the person who cannot say no to a packet of chips, but has stopped eating meat. We want you, that person who washes dishes using plastic gloves, but buys the machine to make soda water in order to reduce plastic consumption. We want you, that person who might buy a pair of shoes every month, but goes to the farmers market every weekend with the reusable shopping bag. Nobody is perfect, but we want to highlight your merit for each choice you make when thinking about the planet. For this reason I want to thank you and I send you a virtual hug.

Because zerowaste is not a destiny, it’s a journey.